1. How do I register with THE BIG FOUR?

Please register to share your details and one of our specialised consultants will contact you within the next 48 hours.

2. What industries are you specialised in?

We have cultivated a global ecosystem of finance experts over the past 10 years. Our candidates hail from The Big Four, but our network is not restricted by industry, spanning everything from banking and aviation to the energy and pharmaceutical sectors.

3. What skills and expertise do you specialise in?

We are continuously searching for finance professionals who specialise in audit, taxation, deals or advisory topics.

4. How does the recruitment process work?

After you have registered with us our specialised team will contact you to evaluate the best opportunities available.

5. In which cities can I find a job or candidate?

Our specialised consultants are not limited by locations. We work worldwide with key businesses in Germany and the United States. You can search our live jobs to see if there any opportunities in your location.

6. How can I join your team?

We are always looking for new, driven, fast-paced team members. If you are interested in boosting your career by joining the recruitment world, share your CV with us.